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What started out as an 80's yoga playlist for my students, ended up in a trip down memory lane and the inspiration to shake off the rust and get back into the studio. 

The power of music to evoke emotion and trigger a host of associated memories never ceases to amaze.  Hearing this song reminded me of a bright spot in a darker time, a particularly sweet memory of meeting the band at a penthouse gathering in Adams Mark Hotel after an amazing show at Club Clearview in Dallas, TX.  The song triggered the memory, and I could feel the energy of that experience all over again. 

I had no idea where this cover would go, just that I was inspired and that the process was fun.  It reminded me what I love about music and why I started recording, producing, and creating music in the first place.  I really hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks to Jeff Maldonado for guitar work, Marko Ruffolo (Markee Music), Eric Delegard (Reeltime Audio), Dave Collins Mastering, Mike Caplan (Lion and Fox), and Jay Ezzell (Bottomline Entertainment).  Special thanks to The Mission UK for the memory and inspiration!


This release comes at a time when reconnecting with the power of our words and intention, cultivating compassion, and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things is critical.   “There is nothing we can do to ourselves that we do not also do to others, and there is nothing we can do to others that we do not also do to ourselves.”  

Bija Mantra Shanti Mix was created as a prayer for peace, a meditation aid, and a tool for both teaching and learning the powerful practice of mantra japa. 

Think of mantra as an ancient form of transendental technology allowing the practitioner to access higher levels of consciousness.  The word “mantra” is often translated as a mind instrument *.

This composition includes Bija Mantras of the Chakras, Gayatri Mantra, Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra,  Shanti Mantra, and the Pavamana Mantras (Om Asatoma). 

Follow this link to my Blog Page for a deeper exploration of the meaning behind each mantra. 


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